Gokujou no Kobito

Minase Masara

Gokujou no Kobito by Minase Masara

 When Kuniyoshi Masahiro meets the new model he’s supposed to manage, Suda Yoshimi, he sees a spoiled little rich kid. That is before he notices how attractive Yoshimi really is. – MangaTown

I don’t know what it is with me and showbiz workplace mangas, but I never seem to tire of them (bar the horrifically bad Kaikan Phrase of course). This is one of them, but yaoi this time and it worked really well with the inevitable yaoi every-male-is-miraculously-gay cliche, explaining it with “A lot of people in this business are gay”. Which they, of course, were.

It was the interesting and well done premise that kept me going through the young male protagonists horrendously irritating attitude. I mean clearly he was meant to be annoying, but I could have bitch slapped him and he’s 2D. Luckily, it didn’t detract from the overall manga, as his character improved with the plot and pulled it all together nicely, with nothing unexplained or randomly occurring out of the blue. The uke was sufficiently manly and male looking, and had a personality besides ‘taken advantage of’. He was taken advantage of, but his sassy strength made him a well rounded individual. With long hair, which I dig and is frustratingly infrequent in mangas. I particularly like it in Yaoi, because with so many similar looking males around, the constant short shaggy hair really gets on my tits after a while.

The plot overall therefore was nicely enough done, with fleshed out enough characters to keep it feeling original despite the inevitable predictability of it, making it an enjoyable quick read that flew by. I could totally have seen this developing like The One and Skip Beat but yaoi, into a long multiple arcs and character developing manga, but the length it was kept the manga fresh and not tedious to read.

Overall a good 4 volume yaoi about showbiz, with realistic enough scenarios (for yaoi and show business), fleshed out characters, a solid couple dynamic and enough originally articulated drama to keep you interested.



4 thoughts on “Gokujou no Kobito

  1. Yes, isn’t long hair the best? I like this better than most of Minase Masara’s manga. It’s been awhile, but if I remember right, she makes them work a lot harder to become a couple and has more real-feeling dialogue. I still don’t completely get why the uke puts up with him, but I believed it enough to enjoy the story.

    • Ahahah isn’t it though? Yeah you’re right on the money with that one, the development of the relationship is what makes it more original. Ahaha, maybe the uke puts up with him for subconscious yaoi ~true love~ … I take that as a thing now, with the amount of shit partners in yaoi put up with before they supposedly fall in love with their counterpart XP

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