Sekai wa Bokura no Tameni!

Warning you, a fair few spoilers in this review, because it’s a rant.



I was pumped for this, all “ahh, another Enjouji Maki manga, it’s sure to be good!”

Nope. (See Private Prince for a good one.)

No grabbing characters, and the story is actually not the one advertised, that runs for about 3 chapters then slips into oneshots considerably more interesting than the title story before going back to that story and being equally poor.

#1 The tale of a attractive woman and her quest for love between two brothers. An actual decent and interesting oneshot ❤

#2 the Tale of a battle for a womans viginity through cooking – humerous short.

Ugh and then it goes back to the story, pretending theres and actual engaging plotline. I mean the premse gets stareted up agaain promising, and it gets interesting and then BAM rape in a relationship. fantastic. well done on that one. She’s all “I DESERVE THIS” and  then they have a lovey scene with some sort of make up where hes like “I didn’t ask you to compare me to an older man!” etc. – The cheeky bastard. Ah, for fuck’s sake! then shes all sparkles and “I’m all yours”.  HELLO? WHAT WAS THAT? did you just overlook that he revenge forced sex on you? and then everything goes back to funny again and I’m like… WTF? Her concerns aout her future were legit and he does that and its not even a sidenote, its just something that happened? great advertising for a mutual relationship.  She also should have gone for the older guy Sensible Option Man, she and Whatshisface have nothing actually between them other than sex and forbidden love, she might as well go for the Sensible Option. They say they love each other, but exuses like “she needs me because shes pathetic in life (paraphrased but what he says, im not making this  up)” really doesn’t sell that love for me.

And then the best bit of the manga, where they get found out by Sensible Option Man and “reality just reached up and smacked [her] in the face”. BOOYAH! ehem.   course this doesn’t last, but i increasingly like Sensible Option Man, because hes all “ah the young” when Whatshisface is being the child that he is and stomping off and shit, and I’m like yeah, you see my point Sensible Option Man! You understand!And hes all nice, then Whatshisface is pointlessly an  ass, and no this is my favorite bit SHE SLAPS HIM AND TELLS HIM TO GET HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS. I enjoyed that immensely. It was almost as good as that bit in Emma (Jane Austen), where Emmas been a bitch and Mr Knightly’s all “That was badly done Emma, Badly done!”. Here’s the clip… or this one! Anyway…  Then Sensible Option Man went at him and it was a beaut of a scolding. Essentially the best bits of this manga are the discordant ones for me.  Its rare I like the opposing man rather the one they are obviously gonna end up with, but I really like Sensible Option Man. Maybe because hes great and sensible.


What the fucking fuck was that TV appearance anyhow? Basically the shit hits the fan big time and ~ rammed in cliche~ he goes abroad to study acting and leaves an encrypted message in his answers to a tv interviewer. What was that message? It was “Wait for me”. There was no “i feel bad ill let you go” no, you just go ahead and repeatedly fuck up her life and leave her hanging, you go ahead and do that. How stupid.  THE WHAT SHE ACTUALLY PUTS HER LIFE ON HOLD FOR THREE YEARS BLAMING HERSELF THINKING HIS CAREERS SHITTY AND HE TURNS UP AGAIN AND SHES LIKE “YOU’RE BACK!” suajyfjuysglkasg.

So much caps lock. So little wow and doge.  That was actually the ending you know. The conclusion. The ciao.

There’s this little side story on Whatshisface’s male admirer’s unrequited love efforts and that’s a better love story than this whole thing combined.

Oh and the last oneshot about the lawyer. That was really good, 4/5, read it, It’s the last chapter. Read that instead.

1/5 (redeemed because I liked the premise and the oneshots)

Yet still not as bad as Kaikan Phase.  This just enraged me more because it was something I’d looked forward to reading for a long time. Never meet your heroes or assume all their manga will be great. (Except for Yoshiki Nakamura and Ohmi Tomu… I refuse to stop my blind love for their manga)


EDIT: In the heat of my ranting I forgot to put a description in. This is what it was meant to be :

Starting this spring, citizens will be able to become a teacher at the expensive high school! This is what Maho is getting excited about, but her boyfriend for six years dumped her. Afterwards, she slept with a young boy to get over her sadness. However, who would have expected that she would be reunited with him in the classroom. That’s right, he was her student!! A secret relationship with a younger handsome boy is packed full of scary, yet, exciting, nerve-wracking, yet, heart-thumping action?! What will happen when the man who dumped her comes back? – Midnight Scans

Sounds like an amusing josei, yet how wrong I was.


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