Barairo My Honey



OHMI TOMU DOES IT AGAIN! I make this sound like breaking news but really this has gotta be the 5th time reading this at least. She’s just such a good mangaka! I love all of her stories, her art, her characters, everything is beautiful~! ❤

Although her art is consistent across all her manga, and therefore the characters look similar, admittedly the main male usually looks near identical to the last. Same for the female. BUT as a strong Ohmi Tomu fan (bias? there’s no bias here!) I can testify that this does not leave you feeling as if you are reading the same characters in a different play, even if you read one right after the other (Yes I’m about to read my favorite Ohmi Tomu, Midnight Secretary, straight after this). This is because the mangaka is so skillful in her crafting of her characters, their backgrounds, mannerisms, speech, facial expressions…. SHES JUST GREAT OKAY!! The skill of her character crafting comes out because of the similarities in the appearance of the characters (this and Midnight Secretary are the closest doubles of the lot), in comparison to shoujo I have read in which similar looking characters just bore you to death. Plus I LOVE the art. It bewteeful. {tear}

To stop getting over-emotional at the greatness of Ohmi Tomu, let’s talk about the plot. Supernatural fused with real world  fused with traditional-Japanese-family-trope done right, the aforementioned great characters work well together, with each side character having a perfectly formed personality. The story is fitted into three volumes that I read in one sitting, the character development not feeling rushed, and character reactions fitted to each one perfectly (no “whaaa? when the hell did she get a personality makeover?! here). The arcs fitted with the tone of the manga, lighthearted but feelgood aw with the danger of some forbidden love drama, but nothing heavy. It was a really great read- as always.

Essentially, great josei manga, go read it, the end ❤

2nd Fave Ohmi Tomu, but 5/5 in the rankings with all the other manga.

[ Incidentally, that one shot at the end about the manager uncle is one of the most adorable things EVER.  So’s the other clumsy girl one. READ THEM ~!] ❤


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