Virgin Wars

Virgin Wars by Tominaga Yumi

Virgin Wars by Tominaga Yumi

Kanami’s father has a debt of 300 million yen! He can either pay the money or sell his daughter, Kanami, to the sex industry. Kanami decides to go to the sex industry for the sake of her father. But before she does, she wants to have a normal life and lose her virginity normally. In the bathroom, she mistakenly stumbles across her classmate, Ryuuno, having sex with a girl. Later on at a gokun, she meets Ryuuno. She gets drunk and she wakes up to find herself in bed with Ryuuno. She doesn’t fight back. When she wakes up later on, she sees Ryuuno injured very badly! Did Kanami do this? Does she have some hidden powers she doesn’t know about? – Manga Fox

From something entitled “Virgin Wars” I was expecting a lighthearted sex comedy or something. Yes it had some comedy, but real annoyances and pointlessness that makes me sure I’ll never re-read it. It was one of those mangas you read, and are like, I got nothing from that. I didn’t get overly attached to any of the characters, and the stupid plot-line wasn’t entertaining enough to be good. I was expecting a stupid plot-line, but an enjoyable stupid plot-line. This one had various “lighthearted” attempted rapes to gain power, female stupidity and weakness on multiple levels (here was a female character with more power than all the males, and the possibilities get wasted on some climax where she gives her powers for love. But not in like a magic-girl anime heroine style. In a what-was-that-that-was-clearly-meant-to-be-meaningful-and-just-wasn’t style.) Essentially …. I’m quite focused about why I just spent time I’ll never get back reading it.

The  art was good though, it had a strong comedic element , eye popping, vein popping, sweat dropping, that worked really well with the slapstick comedy used, the only thing I strongly liked in this manga.  It actually managed to entertain me with the failure of a plot-line. It also made for some really good bishies.

So all in all, a manga with a lighthearted sex comedy plot-line, which in the end tried to be meaningful and make the protagonist eureka and fulfill her dream of the “happiest a woman can be” – Apparently in love with a man”- and go have sex with the guy we all knew she was going to have sex with in the first place, trying and failing to create meaning and involvement for the reader along the way.

That makes it about a 2/5  I should imagine.  2 for good use of art style.


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