Without the Sun

Without the Sun by Lee Hyun Yoon

Without the Sun by Lee Hyun Yoon

The heartbreaking story of a vampire and a blind girl falling in love, both wishing to see the sun and trying to find happiness while at it. – Evil Flowers

How disappointing. An interesting and touching-sounding premise turned into one of the most dazzlingly pointless things I have ever read. I was preparing my tear ducts and everything, but nada.  So disappointing. The art was similar to many other Korean manhuas I have read, white, delicate eyelashes and defined locks of hair, as well as non defined lip colour, giving faces pallor even in black and white. Suitable for  a vampire tale. But even pretty art couldn’t save this one. The characters were morose and obnoxious respectively, with nothing to make me connect, no reason for the ending, nothing there, I didn’t like them, even the nothing in their lives plot did nothing for me, just a whole pointless lot of nothing leaving a blind girl alone on a battlement where shes probably going to get eaten by another vampire because she wont be able to find anything, having run away pointlessly to nothing from what I suppose was meant to be plot climax.

It wasn’t sweet, poignant, or touching, nothing I was expecting, yet did nothing else. Even for a oneshot, IT WAS NOTHING.

IT WAS A LOAD OF NOTHING. Why bother drawing it?

1/5 stars, 1 for the premise alone.


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