Watashi no Kishi-sama wa Minaraichuu!

by Kouzuki Rin

by Kouzuki Rin

A handsome apprentice “knight” with a stoic personality chooses to protect a clumsy 16-year-old maid for his 3 months of training. What’s a knight to do when his maid gets in trouble? Can you guess how their relationship is going to turn out? And when his apprenticeship is over, does that mean they’ll never see each other again…?- Manga Fox

This is a super super super adorable oneshot. I only wish it could have been more, to see it play out more naturally than compressed into one. As it was though, it was so cute! Heart squeezingly aw. And the obvious-I-didn’t-see-it-coming-because-I-didn’t-think-they’d-be-that-transparent plot twist happened, and I genuinely laughed out loud. Was it cheesy? yes, yes it was. Did it matter? No, not a jot. Because the manga didn’t take itself too seriously, It was a really relaxing cute read without expectations or too ambitious a plot.

The art was cute (though I think this style always puts the girl’s eyes too far apart but that’s just me), and the cover art was such a cute pose I was like, I MUST READ THIS THIS LOOKS ADORABLE. And it was. The bishie was a standard class A bishie, with personality, and the characters all looked different from one another, which is always a good sign.

The plot, as I have said and no doubt will say again, was really cuteeee, but fairly unique as well. Although it combined some classic shoujo cliches *cough*spoiler: kidnapping spoiler end *cough*, it didn’t lower the quality of the manga, nor make it seem like a repetitive recycled tale. It was lighthearted fun great flippydedoodah. It was just real nice. (I actually got a bit attached to the characters over 30 ish pages. I kya-ed at the end, I’ll admit.)

And it managed to get in decent characterization, plot and love without making it all seem rushed and ridiculous. Respect to the Mangaka, her planning and organisation must have been great.  (am going to look up their other work after this)

A cute nice brill etc  oneshot with a cute nice brill etc plot

4.5/5  (the abrupt nature of the “plot twist” is hilarious. It’s worth reading just for that, frankly)


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