Harenchi no Susume

 Harenchi no Susume by  Higashino You

Harenchi no Susume by Higashino You

Hanamura Masatsugu and Takakura Kuniomi are intimate friends since childhood, and both are heirs to their respective marquises. Their favorite sport is seeing who can score the next bishounen that comes across their path in the Imperial Capital. And now Kuniomi has set his eyes on a new target…!?
Who would be the winner between these two beautiful men’s quest for love—;?!
A lavish Taisho* Romanesque edition!! (*** Taisho era: 1912-1926 ***) -Mangafox

Fresh and funny read, unexpectedly enjoyable. The beginning of the first chapter irritated me for some reason or another, and so I expected it to be a difficult read. However the farcical nature of the story that didn’t take itself too seriously, with a meaningful ending was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Seriously though, it was such a farce, if Shakespeare wrote Yaoi, this would be it.

The farcical plot was enchanting, and the repeated notions of the story just right for its length, and they did not bore me due to the subtle character development throughout. I mean it’s pretty obvious where the story is going from the start, but the route there is unlike any other I’ve seen. I wouldn’t like it if all yaoi were like this, but it was a refreshing change well worth a read.

The art depicts my “manly bishie” penchant fairly well, although their faces seemed a bit long. The characters were fairly similar, but not enough to hurt, and the mangaka portrayed the period well with some , ehem, accessories being tailored to the time period in such a manner that it really made me laugh.

The characters complement each other and have, surprisingly, more depth than you would imagine from the plot summary. All the characters are independently tailored to each plot device and their responses fit their individual personalities. All the personalities are brief and not 40-volumes-whole-backstory-likes-and-dislikes-and-a-partrige-in-a-pear-tree, but this is natural since it is, after all, only one volume. Just the right length, I feel, since any more and I would start to tire of it, I think.

As a whole then, a bright, fresh, unique, farcical bundle of fun, and a definite must read to any yaoi collection.

4/5 (random -1 for instinct), but for a 1 volume manga , 5/5.


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