Adele to Darius

Adele and Darius by Onda Shizuru

Adele and Darius by Onda Shizuru

Adele was just another maltreated slave girl being sold at the country market. She was sold one day to become an addition to the harem of the country’s King of Cruelty. Rumor has it that the once the King takes a slave girl for the night, he then executes her in the morning. Once in the harem, she sees that all girls who are called into the King’s chamber really do not return. To fight against this fate, Adele resolves to volunteer to be called to the King’s chamber and find out the truth. But things are not what they seem…  – Mangafox

Ahh, that was a good oneshot. Deceit, farce, betrayal, assassination, misunderstanding and love all rolled up into one neat package. The world was created nicely, settings of an Arabian style court and harem, I could smell the incense. The characters are strong and believable enough for a oneshot, which by its very nature allows for very little character development. My only qualm about her being born  into slavery yet miraculously still having enough spirit to hit someone was washed away by my increased intrest in the story, and I willingly surrendered and suspended disbelief for the rest of the oneshot. A unique manga, even with the basis of the story rooted in 1001 Nights, it managed to make it unique and amusing. Not too shabby for a oneshot.

The art was good, though if it had been too long, the similarities between the girls would have grated I think. And although I generally don’t like delicate bishies who are   fragile, this one got a not bad obamafrom me when he got angry. Again, not too shabby.

Essentially then, a great little oneshot, pick me up or fleeting fancy, its good for a super quick read without compromising on quality. 5/5 on the oneshot scale.


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