The Hinanomori

The Hinamori by Krishima Tamaki

The Hinamori by Krishima Tamaki

Dingi, the prince of an exotic middle eastern land, has always been fascinated with the Japanese culture, due to his father’s obsession. As a prince, he has a obligation to marry at the age of 20, however, the year before that is devoted to pleasure with whomever Dingi wants. Thus, it seems only natural that Dingi would go to Japan to find himself the perfect lover. However, when he arrives, things don’t go as they planned when Dingi falls in love with Gen, his host. Who is this Gen and why does he refuse the prince’s advances? Will Dingi ever win Gen’s love? – PASSION.ate.

This was a super cute yaoi, and interesting to the last. I particularly enjoyed the cute small stories at the back, the last few chapters, SO CUTE! The whole thing was pretty enjoyable and the difference in the seme-uke personalities was refreshing from regular yaoi as well.

The theme and plot is entertaining enough and was basically created for the relationships it allows, with a mild political scheme plot underneath. The art too, was in the same town as my ultimate bishie art stye, and as such was nice to look at, with funny chibis that were well used. And the art is even better in the snippets of colour you get to see as well.

In fact the joy of the manga actually came from the characters. Funny, dramatic, sweet, pissed off, and all even better in chibi form! Each had their own cute background, cute love story, cute personality, cute face, the whole damn thing was just adorable. (the ending chapters. just. the ending chapters). Now I’m not saying it was the bestest most fantastic yaoi in the word. It wasn’t. But for a 2 volume yaoi with little room for plot and character development… It did pretty damn well.

For Prince, Crackers, and Cuteness, 4/5, with the end oneshots 4.8/5 on the yaoi oneshot scale. ADORABLE.


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