Limited Lovers

Limited Lovers by Yamada Keiko

Limited Lovers by Yamada Keiko

Kakinomoto Karin, the daughter of a millionaire, lost her ability to walk in an accident. During her stay at the hospital, she fell in love at first sight with the medical researcher, Okita Teppei! She bought him a house, but only on the condition that that Teppei spend two hours with her every day. Karin, who only wanted Teppei’s heart, will one day find out that not only does Teppei already have a fiancée, but he has a frightening split personality… ! – Esthétique but he’s not split personality. Hes just got a more realistic side. And its hardly frightening. Actually it was at some points. Ignore me.

A really unique manga. I have irrational irritation now and again all the way through and the first chapter annoyed me because of the protagonist but it changes and you get beyond that and it is enjoyable. Many people seemed to like this more than I did, so don’t count on me.

The art was perhaps what annoyed me. She looked to perfect all the time, even when she was having some pretty ugly emotions. BUT the art as a whole was good and easy on the eyes, and generally really nice. Good bishies.

The plot was unique and interesting, and the character development subtle yet ultimately drastic. Its not even that unbelievable (as in its realistic-ish). Its not even that soppy. Theres not even that much crying. Hence, all in all, a unique shoujo with not that much of the shoujo traits I find insanely irritating. The plot was a fairly simple arc, but enjoyable and not that predictable so that it’s a fresh read, not recycled premonitions. (ie, I bet he secretly did this being misunderstood. I bet shes actually evil. etc.)

The characters were individuals each to their own, varied in looks and attributes, and each with a good level of background detail for a 3 volume manga. Actually, thinking on it, for a 3 volume manga, its got the level of character and plot development of a 7 volume manga, but with no ramblings. Nice and concise. Yeah, actually it was really great like that.

And so, in essence, a shoujo shoujo without a shit ton of shit shoujo shoujo, with a slightly too perfect protagonist but a lovely 3 volume read. yeah, if you got that, that was it in a nutshell.
3.9/5 yeah that 3 makes it sound lower, but the 9 is very close to the 4. But she annoyed me slightly… but read it anyway… definitely read it anyway…


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