Itakidaimasu by Yoshihara Yuki

Itakidaimasu by Yoshihara Yuki

Naeko is a divorced woman working at a bridal salon. Although her ex-husband and boss, Souichi, approaches her for reconciliation, she consistently refuses. Naeko wants to find happiness for certain next time, so she is cautious when it comes to falling in love. Then one day she meets an extremely gorgeous boy, Ouji. This would create a drastic change in her fate… – Mangafox

Enjoyable as always, Yoshihara Yuki’s horny lustful female protagonists allways make for a refreshing read in between other types. I mean, reading one after another results in dejavu-itis but individually the choice makes a nice break from the often too docile pack. Unashamedly sex-driven and insatiable in ugly chibi glory, Naeko (lead of this Yuki sex comedy) is a good laugh to read, and extremely enjoyable.

At times, it seemed clunky and cringey (with me being a person who requires a cushion to cringe behind watching rom-coms), and a tad silly, but that goes with the Yoshihara Yuki flow, and is all part of the experience. The characterization created an emotionally driven plot, but in typical comedy style were melodramatic. This however, as I repeatedly say, creates the whole experience, and makes me laugh without annoying me simultaneously.

The art was nice enough, the bishies good enough, recognizable but not out of this world – yet the aforementioned horny chibi protagonist portrayals stole the show and gave the manga a level up in the art department. (for similar joy, see her other works, one of which is reviewed Here )

A nice refreshing typical Yoshihara Yuki sex comedy, just the right length at 4 volumes, a good one to start with to test the Yoshihara Yuki waters (which I wholeheartedly recommend you do, no matter your manga genre preference, just for the sheer unique experience.)
4/5 (one instinctual kick away from 5)


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