Solo Sex

Solo Sex by Kamuro Koreaki

Solo Sex by Kamuro Koreaki

Though he’s a High School senior, Takitani works as an escort named Ryou. To escape being caught, Takitani does his best to remain inconspicuous in school. But one day a classmate suddenly shows up as his customer. The son of a doctor, Kunimi is a total prick who’s always picking on Takitani. Anxious not to be caught, Kunimi is completely oblivios to Takitani’s disguise and becomes smitten with his cute and cool attitude. Takitani tries to push him away so they don’t become too intimate, however… -Mangafox

Pretty standard and obvious stuff on the whole in regards to the plot. But the mangaka gave the characters logic, understandable emotions and actual believable behavior apart from the glaringly obvious escort story line. It progressed nicely and generally tied itself off just so. The art was nice (I need a synonym here) to look at and read, and everything was really… well nice.

4/5. It was nice.


13 thoughts on “Solo Sex

  1. Sounds very interesting! I like your review. It’s very…nice! Hehehehehee I’d ask you to review my original story, but…no…I don’t want to be slammed. lol Honestly, I’m thinking I shall add Solo Sex to my must read list! Thank you!

    P.S. has a great thesaurus if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. If you’re looking for synonyms there is I think I’ve read this before, but as I don’t really remember doing so… it must have been forgettable unlike some of the stories, specifically yaoi, that I’ve read. Perhaps I’ll need to reread it sometime to re-familiarize myself with the storyline and whether or not I actually liked it or if it was one of those I just stopped reading and tossed to the back of my mind never to see the light of day again.

    • I admittedly have so many of those I lose count, I guess this could have been one, had I not immortalized it via the un-erasable internet. It was nice and worth a mention for the train of thought the characters used. *shrug* too many bland yaoi, too little time…

      • Ah, well it also depends upon a persons tastes, too. But I’ve read so many that some are too easily forgot even if they were good. I still haven’t (re)-read this title. But even in some of the bland or less than savory titles there’s usually something that intrigues me… just not enough to continue reading. Sadly, when one stops reading they could miss out on something that potentially gets better which is why its always better to hook the reader in early. Yes, too little time… it would be nice to have 4 more hours in each day… but then they’d want to make people work more I imagine instead of letting them have some free time.

      • Personal tastes do indeed rather matter I suppose.
        Aha, but if it was an extra 4 hours donated for manga/recreational purposes only as dictated by… I don’t know, God or Mohammed or Simon Cowell or someone/thing then it could work.

  3. I’m happy to see this here. Even though it isn’t a spectacular manga, it’s one I’ve read multiple times and recommend to people… it just kind of crawled into my heart somehow. It’s art and emotions are just a bit rougher (not the violence kind) than most schoolboy stories, but without rape or unnecessary drama, so it’s actually a gentle, easy re-read, and yet the sex is quite hot. I also really like the way the mangaka played with the idea that who we are in one setting isn’t necessarily who we are somewhere else — we present different aspects of ourselves with different people. It strikes a chord and strikes me as a bit more sophisticated way of presenting characters than in much of yaoi.

    • It is an unconventional yaoi in that respect, I’m happy its appreciated for that. The concept of a flexible personality to each situation is a rather interesting one that was covered nicely in this manga, as far as I remember, and help to give characters that extra depth. I don’t know whether you’ve read any harlequin josei, but Amber By Night also deals with this really quite well for what is essentially fluff manga. Its not boys but it is surprisingly good character facets in my opinion, similar to this. Its also real short so id give it a shot even if its not your thing 😉

      • Yes, I actually have read it. I prefer yaoi above all others, but I’ve read just about everything I can get my hands on (that anyone says is half decent). I see what you mean about similar treatment of people having different faces.

        I have to admit, that one wasn’t really one I liked much (too shoujo-sappy for my taste). If I’m going for josei smut, I prefer something like Midnight Secretary (which is sappy, too, but has enough darkness to compensate for it a bit).

        Still, I appreciate your offering the recommendation! It’s fun to be able to share titles with folks.

      • I’m surprised you read it. And it’s true, Midnight Secretary is one of the best and my favorite ❤ an yeah, its nice comparing titles. I have a shameful love of sappy crappy manga (hence the harlequin reading) while accepting there is better manga out there (Though i hold midnight secretary in high regard in Josei)

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