Wild Rock

Wild Rock by Takushima Kazusa

Wild Rock by Takushima Kazusa

Yuuen, the child of the Forest Clan chief is given the task of seducing Emba, the son of the Lakeside Clan Chief. Yuuen discovers a problem however when he realizes how sensitive and
naive Emba really is, and he finds himself liking the youth more at every meet. -Mangafox

But fuck that explanation, because Emba isn’t naive. He is kind and unnexpectedly non macho-bastard, but never naive.

Och, but I love this manga. I mean if the Uke was less girly, it would be nice, but the overwhelming manliness of the Seme more than makes up for it. The plot is interesting and something different, the whole forbidden love aspect could have been looked at a bit more, but it was compensated for in the heart string pulling extra. The setting is also nice and unique, and fits really well with the plot and everything, the mangaka didn’t just shove a modern storyline in a historical (or pre, in this case) background like some can.

The art, which I have already touched upon with the manly Seme, probably clinched the manga for me. My lord, if ever there was a poster boy for Manly Bishie, it’s this dude. If only he were real… But yeah, even with the the girly Uke, the use of unusual frame choices and nice, fresh actions not often used and exploited made it a pleasure to look at. For example -not really a spoiler- When Emba lifts up Navu, a child, i just thought that was really nicely drawn, and I actually stopped to look at it.

This yaoi also took time to get to know and have the characters fall in love – though it’s still very much flash in the pan- the development was again not the norm and interesting to read. In essence, what I am saying Is that this isn’t some marvel of a manga, it’s not revolutionary, but it is such a good example of the difference really nice and good execution can make. In another mangakas hands this could have been a mediocre at best or just plain bargain basement yaoi. But It wasn’t, it was smooth operator and uber enjoyable- a rereader for sure. FO SHO.
fo sho

Ehem, but yeah, 4.5/5 because of Mangaka gold. -0.5 because because.


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