Wild Fish

Wild Fish by Hiiro Reiichi

Wild Fish by Hiiro Reiichi

Ayase kai almost drowns in the ocean but is saved by a merman. He thought it is all a bizare dream, until the merman shows up again at his company, this time with legs. He claims to be a rich prince and Ayase’s new boss but thats not all, his true goal is to make Ayase his mate! – Mangafox

A nice and cute yaoi that would be bog standard but for the fact that the whole plot twists around this merman thing. It makes for an interesting and chirpy read, clean for a yaoi (there is smex but it is soft as tofu or how I imagine tofu to be soft. I probably shouldn’t have used this simile but I’m sticking to my guns here), with nice and peppy art.

Plus, one of the main guys has long hair, wavy and untamed, unusual for any manga. I felt like a tourist, it was a nice novelty. I enjoy long haired bishies and it was nice for one to crop up.

I mean, the whole premise could have been dramatized and done differently more to my tastes, but that is simply not the style of this mangaka. She makes it sweet and light, with likeable characters which, although they lack much of a back-story, are each unique and add something to the story as a whole.

I felt I had to write a review on it as something different from yaoi cliche, and is a refreshing chain of scenery, even though the relationships and developments are very much done before. But nice and cute, a fresh read.

3.5/5 flowers and seaweed yaoi.


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