Renai no Skill

Renai no Skill by Nishimura Shuuko

Renai no Skill by Nishimura Shuuko

For Fujimiya who is a very competent guy at the company, Yuuki, a grandson of the Chairman of the Board has been his longtime rival. Yuuki bears away all girls around Fujimiya, so Fujimiya has been “unskilled at love” yet. Yuuki asks Fujimiya to take care of his “pride and joy”, Shuuta Takahashi during Yuuki’s overseas business trip of half-year. Shuuta was a playmate of Yuuki and has no experience of working at office but is very eager to become an accomplished office worker to help Yuuki. Fujimiya is moved by Shuuta’s enthusiasm and teaches Shuuta personal computer after his working. Fujimiya can not help loving Shuuta when he drinks too much at the party and is looked after tenderly by Shuuta. But when Yuuki returns he is not all that happy with how the things evolved between Fujimiya and Shuuta…

Also includes a short story with the junior high school students Tamura and Mikami from Love Trivia before they become quiz game partners. – MangaFox

Wow, I had to review this one since the pairings totally confused me. I mean usually in yaoi it’s obvious who the pairings are gonna be and how they are gonna turn out, but here was a manga where I was left guessing. I mean it was a love polygon of the emotional kind but it actually ended to my satisfaction! I actually gave the mangaka a little applause at the end. Bravo, well played!Yeah, as you can tell I was just the teenseyest bit impressed.

Despite having a good romance it didn’t lack in other areas. The art was pretty good, and in the end the manga ended with two types of yaoi couples, especially in business related yaoi – you know , the cool business man and the cutesy business trainee, and then the two cool business men, cute together. It was refreshing to see both in the same manga.
The plot was good, decent emotional background and motivations.

Some bits were a bit rushed and unexplained and took me a few moments to understand certain plot aspects. Then again I suspect the scantilation I was reading must have missed out a few pages in the second chapter- either that or the mangaka just hop skipped and jumped straight into the next plot bit.

Anyhoo, worth reading for the interesting love polygon and pairings, 3.5/5 enjoyable but nothing fantastic.


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