Yasashii Kankei

Yasashii Kankei by Fuwa Shinri

Yasashii Kankei by Fuwa Shinri

Separated in childhood, Naoya is reunited with his best friend Tsukasa through his work. Though he is seemingly cold and distant, Tsukasa can’t get Naoya off his mind. However, when Tamura, Naoya’s co-worker, starts to show signs of affection towards Naoya, Tsukasa’s jealousy is spurred. Can love blossom with so many obstacles in its path?
-Manga Here

Honestly, like many others who read this manga, yes I went in for the long haired dude. Even though I knew it got chopped off later. I like the long hair,okay? But it turned out to be a really sweet story! It got me that involved in the story (which wasn’t anything new, but was nicely done) that smex wasn’t neccesary, but was used as an accent to an already good story.

As for characters, I sympathized with all of them, due to sufficient background for the plot to have depth and purpose. I usually dislike girly ukes but this one had enough about him, alongside actual real world problems to be a likeable character in my opinion. The seme also had a real world background, one not airy fairy or over the top, but enough to give him depth and shading. His believable reaction to his feelings to the uke doesn’t not help either. Even the dodgy would be rapist third point of the triangle was worthy of reader attention, due to his “understandable” motives and rootable characterization.

The hints and subtleties of the manga are noticeable enough for the reader to take an active role figuring out the manga, but not enough that it makes reading the manga pointless. The art was good and the mangaka consistently different with her faces- ie they didn’t all look the same with different haircuts, which was naturally a plus.

All in all, a sweet n’ solid yaoi for softer fans and hard nuts alike. Sadly I don’t think its sequel (involving the cute third wheel in his own romance) has been fully scantilated as I believe its licensed but not yet sold. And I was really looking forward to it too. 😥


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