Kindan no Koi Shiyou

kindan no koi wo shiyou BY Ohmi Tomu

kindan no koi wo shiyou BY Ohmi Tomu

Hisako was saved from a drunkard by a wolf. She decides to adopt the beautiful, and entrancing creature, but Hisakos new pet turns into a fine-looking guy! Somehow his entrancing eyes remain in her mind.. One-Shot: A Request to the Vampire Ryouko is targeted as an anorexic, or shall we say, unappetizing, girl. But when her want to die overflows when she meets a vampire, he turns her world around.- BakaUpdates

I had avoided this manga for a while, despite being by Ohmi Tomu, because somehow I had convinced my self it was a tragedy, and I cant stand tragic endings. When I realized it wasn’t I excitedly began to read it expecting it to be as good as Midnight Secretary. Perhaps my hopes were too high because I felt it wasn’t. Maybe because it was her first published volume, the art and story development and general characterization feels lacking in comparison.

Then again, I consider Midnight Secretary to be a masterpiece of Josei manga.

The whole thing was enjoyable yet mediocre- it didn’t feel particularly special despite the unique touch to the plot. I also didn’t enjoy reading about the heroine as she didn’t really have much good ol’ fashioned gumption, or apparent strength of any kind. The love interest also wasn’t anything doki-doki.

Buuut, I am being terribly unfair in that I can’t help comparing it to Midnigt Secretary, and for that I kind of wish I read this first to avoid that comparison. All I can say is I hope the two sequels improve to ratify my love of this mangaka.

3/4 average josei 😦 only disappointing since I love Ohmi Tomu so much for her other work


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