Jouzetsuna Yubi

 Jouzetsuna Yubi by Naono Bohra

Jouzetsuna Yubi by Naono Bohra

Tooru has been deaf for a year, due to a serious injury he suffered in a car accident. His handicap makes it hard for him to be in public, so rather than trying to live with being deaf, he just ignores the situation … Until one night he’s scared to death by Tsukahara, a young erotic novelist, who comes to like him immediately.

After the first, shocking, encounter Tooru opens up to Tsukahara, who in turn comes to like him more and more… Things begin to get tricky when Tsukahara realizes that his erotic stories more and more star Tooru instead of the usual sexy female heroine… How will Tooru react to this once he finds out – Aarinfantasy

This was a really sweet manga, for a yaoi, with a story concept I hadn’t come across what with him being deaf and all. The whole plot seemed like it was made for some angsty shoujo drama, but it fitted really well. It was just really cute and well developed for a one shot. The art was fine, nothing spectacular and all the blushing was cute. But if this had been expanded into a series and they blushed that much I think it would have annoyed me. As it was, I could just about handle it.

The characters background was short and sweet, giving enough depth for a oneshot without going out of proportion for the actual length of the story and made the characters less 2-D. For manga characters. But yeah it was nice and sweet and just a little chupa-chup of a oneshot.

Id give it 3.5/5, missing the 1.5 because although it was sweet it didn’t blow me away. I may be slightly apathetic today though, so take that into account.


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