Midnight Secretary

Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tomu
Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma – the director of a tableware company of the same name. Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and sluttish behavior are almost legendary. Kaya is doing her best to prove that she is capable in her work, but one night, by accident, she discovers his secret… of him being a vampire! – Midnight Scans

AHHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! One of my top 5 I would say, near the top. Its just perfect, all I need now is a little follow up story of maybe two volumes (Or more <3) about the new character that appears near the end but you never see. (cryptic clue cryptic clue). I mean, I have read this 4 times now, and Ohmi Tomu still makes me kyaaa~ and get absorbed in the story. ITS JUST SO GOOD.

Let us start with the plot. Unique and well developed, the mangaka makes it just too easy to get caught up in the story. Each little story arc develops their relationship and an aspect of their world a bit more. Tomu tells the story from Kayas point of view, with lil inputs from Kyouhei that makes it all the jucier in the difficult initial stages when hes discovering his love~!

Then there is the characters themselves. The side characters are nice enough and have decent development, but its the protagonists that make this manga really shine. Kaya has a full on secretary/baby faced/ultra determined/for your eyes only/devoted personality going on. Its endearing to see and makes her a really likable character, especially with her responses to issues like the clash between her job and her feelings about her Directors love life. And Kyouhei? Yes. Described as “egotistic and arrogant” hes a real cool bishie, a proper masculine one and the art really portrays him well. My kind of bishie, possessive yet not in a stupid way, intelligent, uber cool, loving and manly. I feel like a freak now.

I just touched upon the art, and it is really unique and enjoyable to read. The bishies eyes are different but I think really nice, and in general the mangaka draws some really nice frames. As a personal preference the art here is one of my favourite styles, with no characters who all look the same (though the males can be quite similar, apart from Kyouhei, but I am not complaining, its nice to look at) and just really pleasing. And at times, nicely steamy.

But yeah, a really satisfying manga, one of my favourites, 10000000000% recommended. Plus there’s a cute lil story at the end about Marika <3. Personally I hope Kyouhei and Kaya start an alternative human love friendly clan. That should be in my dream follow up story aswell.
8/5 love love love love love


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