Kareshi wa Doberman

Kareshi wa Doberman by Saijou Ayano

“My cute Kuro, I’m sorry, but I have to go somewhere far away, however, if you are obedient, I will come back soon. So, please, look after this house. I love you, Kuro!”

Hitomi gave this promise to her beloved dog, Kuro; however, this story continues a hundred years after this. Mitsuko’s parents are divorced, and her mother did not come to pick her up, therefore, her charming teacher becomes her guardian. Then, one day, Mitsuko and her friends decide to go for an excursion to a rumored haunted old mansion, and then, a black dog suddenly attacks them ferociously.

Just when she thought the dog was going to bite her, the dog cuddles around her and brings her to a portrait of a lady, who resembles her! Then, the dog transforms into a naked, hot dude and embraces her…! What will happen to Mitsuko?

Will her heart be melted by the loyal and handsome, Kuro? Or, will she be saved by her reliable teacher? – Midnight Scans

A true shoujo feel for this manga. a fluffy headed bullied girl, hot teacher happens to be her cousin whos in love with her, and the dog human spirit things whos ears seem disappear in some frames…

BUT yeah, i wouldn’t have written a review if it weren’t for the ending. After all the art was poor to my eyes and the characters a bit shoddy, but the ending amused me . It was a sort of cliche ending, but not, because of the way the mangaka executed it. Seriously, i did a not bad obama face.

Yeah, it turned from nothing to foot-notable just for that, so give it a whirl out of curiosity but don’t expect much.
2/5 and the 2 is because i liked the ending. Though the time lapse and age of erm the spoiler don’t match up. And no, i haven’t ruined it, its not a baby.

Oh, but the first oneshot at the end was amusing, though there were stupid ass lines in it such as “shes such a good person, i can never compete with her” for no reason. literally none. But that one made me laugh.

And the last oneshot was hilarious. Well I found it funny anyway. Maybe I’m just sleep deprived.

For the oneshots I shall bump it up to a 2.5/5


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