Tsuki to Yabanjin

Tsuki to Yabanjin by Sera
Ever since he was a child, Prince Uriel has always dreamed of searching for the lost city of Rowadis rumored to be buried somewhere deep in the desert. One day, he manages to sneak out of his country to join an excavation party in the hopes of learning more about his beloved Rowadis. However, the barren land turns out to be a dangerous place for the prince and he is captured by the savage Seldira clan. Follow the adventures of the young prince as he gets tangled up with the handsome leader of the Seldira and unlocks the mysteries of the desert.-Blissful Sin

Ahhh, where to start? This was an all round achiever in the Yaoi genre, art, plot, characters, smex… seriously, my only disappointment was that a side pair i had shipped together never hooked up. But, by the insinuations made by the author, they will. I AM DETERMINED THEY WILL.

As a personal preference, i like historical, or fantasy or foreign setting over a general school or work one, and this yaoi had a cute little back story and links that made its location relevant. A relevant as you can link an imaginary European kingdom and middle east tribes people who both accept homosexuality in the nineteenth-ish century. Luckily I don’t get hung up over accuracy and reality, so I had no drawbacks for this manga in terms of setting.

Ahh, and the bishounen! I prefer the manly cool seme, and yes, this one had a good ‘un. Again, luckily i don’t fret over the obscenely unrealistic muscle tonage on that guy, since he sure was nice to look at. The relationship between the uke (who thankfully was not ridiculously girly) and sheikh-like seme was cute, mutual and developed nicely.

Seriously, ticked all my boxes and left me with a satisfied feel after reading it.

5/5, rounded and colourful (not literally, its still as black and white as any other yaoi) , a really pleasant and well recommended read!


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