Melody Drifting In The Rain

A visually stunning manhua by Cang Yue and Lu Ying

A visually stunning manhua by Cang Yue and Lu Ying

After the death of the Emperor, the country of Li is plunged into civil war. In order to save his brother’s forces from imminent defeat, Xueya, 7th prince of the realm, enters into a marriage with the feisty pirate princess Jin Bi Hui. Will her reinforcements arrive in time to turn the tide? Will this political marriage survive? What would Bi Hui do if she found out Xueya’s heart belonged to another? – Mangafox

This manhua is simply beautiful in terms of art, the picture above dosen’t really do it justice at all. A four chapter volume, fully coloured with watercolour and fantastic to look at. The hair is awesome, floating around like wind, and the characters are all stunning. Oh, and the bishounen? Yeah, they are true manly bishounen through and through. I liked looking at this manhua so much (even if the faces looked strange at first in colouring) that I really couldnt care less what the story was.

As it was though, the plot was more suited to atleast 5 volumes for the detail to be developed to its potential. The characters were good, but as it was a short burst of story, their backstories were passing explanations and what would have been quite a few tear worthy scenes didn’t really leave any impact. Also the ending was quite unexplained and out of the blue.

However, despite the plot feeling like a synopsis and the ending feeling a bit lackluster, I will probably read this again and again for the stunning art – I wouldnt mind having some of it up on my wall as it is that beautiful. I mean, maybe its just me and to anyone else it is ugly, but I highly doubt that.

Loved the firey “tigeress” of a main heroine, a breath of fresh air from the ‘inherently kindhearted and damsel like’ (but generally pathetic in reference to holding their own) heroines in the shoujo mangas ive been reading recently. This one though, was awesome, a tsundere type I havent seen since Misaki from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, but more badass.

6/5 for art (6 is my favourite number), 5/5 story potential and idea (it nicely fitted together with no nonsensical loose bits), and 3.5/5 for story as it appeared, not how I imagine for it to develop.


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