nice clean cut pancake of a yaoi oneshot

nice clean cut pancake of a yaoi oneshot

“A yakuza comes to request the services of an specialized transporter that takes care of delicate and illegal merchandise. It seems this transporter is quite picky about his clients, stating that he doesn’t belong to any group; you can’t trust yakuza. However he gets interested in this transaction and in the mysterious man that is negotiating it. What sort of hidden encounters will bring the nights to these strangers with such intriguing personalities?” – Baka Updates

There were quite a few rave reviews under this on Baka Updates so I decided to give it a shot. Tbh, the first half was pretty bland despite the nice clean cut art. However with the “twist” of betrayal it got quite cute and went from plain pancake to pancake with lemon juice and sugar. The characters were reasonably well developed, especially for a one shot, and the story line just the right length for once- this was no one shot where they fit a 5 volume plot into one chapter. A nice, well tailored oneshot for a passing read. I have to admit though, I cant really see what everyone was raving about. It was nice, but it wasn’t “hot” and there wasnt all that much “sexual tension” as was put by quite a few people.

It was just a nice, lemon and sugar pancake of a Yaoi oneshot, okay?

4/5 stars (but not the same as 4/5 stars for a series. ive decided oneshots and series have different criteria and need different scales)


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