A well character backstoried and plotted yaoi, sadly lacking in hotness :'(

A well character backstoried and plotted yaoi, sadly lacking in hotness 😥

From Tokyopop:
“Sanami Matoh’s FAKE, a shounen-ai favorite, is the unlikely love story between two NYC cops–who both happen to be guys…
Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action, and for each other! When Ryo, a soft spoken officer, joins the NYPD’s 27th precinct, he’s soon partnered up with Dee, a cocky, confident cop with attitude to spare.”

This was a tricky one. I really should have known from the “shounen ai” bit despite being tagged as yaoi that it wouldnt be steamy, but i was still disappointed. As plotlines go for yaoi, this was a decent one, with well developed characters and not thetotally ridiculous all gay cast (you know the yaoi where EVERYONE IS GAY, all the characters, even shopkeepers) and a nice mystery/action cop theme. The relationship itself was nice, as well as the side realationships and the relationship development.

However, even though the relationship developed nicely, the timing was WAY out of whack. By my judgement of how fast Bikky was growing up, it must have took like 4 years for them to actually DO anything. Repetative interruptions to the point of bordom by Bikky and a reluctance that bordered on stringing him along on behalf of Ryo meant i was on the edge of my seat for too long and so got a bit pissed with the story and wanted to get to the end of it. (where eventually there was a smexy scene… and it was nothing to wait that long for)

But the first bit was defo enjoyable as a yaoi with plot, but not with hot. So id give it 3/5 for plot, because of the IRRITATION at bikky and the lack of hottness i find important in a good yaoi.


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