Kaikan Phrase

Why did i even complete this manga. ITS 17 VOLUMES AND I HATED IT.

Why did i even complete this manga. ITS 17 VOLUMES AND I HATED IT.

Sakuya, the lead singer for the hard-rocking band Lucifer, is the unattainable object of desire for millions of hopeful women. Aine is the demure high school student who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a raucous rock’n’roll circus. Together they’re writing the book of love — one hit song at a time! -Mangafox

Where to begin. Here. Lets start Here. This is a bad manga. It is a bad manga for a number of reasons.Tbh, it wasnt even the sex that bothered me and there was A LOT of it. Ive read smut mangas before without substence and it didnt matter. But here there was such potential for a good show biz plotline and it was just chucked out the window for repepetative sex scenes and attempted rape (im not kidding you).

It was the fact that the girl had no initiative, no free will of her own, and who turned everything into her fault, including, and this pissed me off the most, her rape, which she thought was her fault, and that SHE was responsible for it. They didnt think to take her to a medical clinic or anything that actually proffessionally deals with this stuff, Ralf just said “cheer her up.” . . . . OLBHSERHG.

I forgot when i started reading this that i actually hate allot of Shinjo Mayus stuff. JHSDLJFKG. WASTE OF MY TIME , I THOUGHT I WOULD GET BETTER.

I mean, there were bishies! Beautiful bishies with promise of developing into good characters. But no, of course she couldnt use them properly. Of course it didn’t develop. OF COURSE SHE REMAINED A BIMBO. OF COURSE EVERYONE OVERREACTED AT EVERYTHING.

Pissed me off, let me tell you.
In short, I shall not risk my time on Shinjo Mayu again.
1/5 stars.


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