≠ (No Equal)

How did this turn out acceptable?!!

How did this turn out acceptable?!!

“”Tomorrow, I will curse my father…”
After meeting with his father who has been apart from him ever since he was an infant, Ryou suddenly time traveled to 22 years ago! He was sent to the late Shouwa period. After that, there’s also his father, Konomi, who is just three years below him…! With the unfamiliar environment and the anxiety from the inability to go back to the past just heightens Ryou’s worries. While trying to recover his transparent-like existence, his feelings began to change… A story released by Reimon, a long genuine series, first volume!”
from BangAQUA

Well. This was a strange one. I found it on baka updates and read a few of the comments and was surprised to know it was a yaoi about incest. Blood related incest. And that it had gone down well. Now, I couldn’t understand how this could actually work and not make you feel all UUFSDLGABVGJSHRT while reading it.

I kid you not, i don’t know how the mangaka did it. I was rooting for the couple all the way through, despite them being FATHER and SON. that little fact sort of slipped my mind, even when I reminded myself of it, I STILL couldn’t bring myself to care. It wasn’t just a drama of a yaoi with a cruel seme and bawling uke. hell they both cried in this. The whole time travel thing was never really explained, except for some vague “if you really want to see someone you teleport to the past” bs.

But, it didn’t matter. I’m still confused at how this can be such a good yaoi, because and DESPITE, of the incest, with an interesting plotline. Because the incest was the plotline. It was enjoyable, i wont lie, but if it hadn’t of been incest, there would have been no story. The art was cute, the characters were original, and it had the “Does this mean I’m a homo?” line yaoi cliche.

This is possibly the only thing ive ever seen/read/heard about that actually somehow makes incest okay for the duration of you reading it. 5/5 stars for the mangaka magically being able to do that, hands down, theyre good. In fact, on being an author of incest they are sure to have no equal.


2 thoughts on “≠ (No Equal)

  1. It started with yaoi, continued with essays, and finished with classes and real life examples that I’ve come to accept incest and understand the dislike towards it a natural evolutionary tick.

    Nonetheless, that tick is still within me and gives me the thrill whenever I go against it and read something like “No Equal”

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