Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi

A cool manga adaptation of Kabei Yukako's novel, by Takarai Rihito

A cool manga adaptation of Kabei Yukako’s novel, by Takarai Rihito

“16-year-old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged salary men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… That is, until the beautiful Inoue Yuki, also living in “Birdcage Manor” approaches Kizuna with a job proposition- to model in the nude for Yuki’s cousin, a painter and fellow resident Yusei Asai!”- Turtle Paradise

The sleepy residents of birdcage manor, as the manga is also known, is a good ‘un. Not exactly to my tastes yet still enjoyable. The plot, storyline and characters are unique, as expected from a novel adaptation, and the art is simply beautiful, i love the hair even more than the hair in Nemurihime! And that hair was preeeety.

The ending was nice, and the story arcs interesting, the characters filling out the volumes well with their unique and backstory-ed personalities. I just really liked this manga. If it was a colour it would be a light pale grey blue. Perhaps teal.

4/5 stars


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