what a disapointment

what a disapointment

“”Ever since that day, my love has been in a sleep. I’ll be dreaming until I’ll wake up with your kiss”
Alice is a bright high schooler who had been taking care of her father, her only family. she is begining to grow a feeling to Ryuu, who is a son of owner of hospital where Alice’s father is at. One day her father’s condition drastically changed and she became alone in the world. She decide to join a project called venus project, and their unimaginable secret was…” – FairGame

Well. It was meant to be good but i just found it a little boring. The art at first was strange but i got used to it quick, but the plot was tiring. All emotional connection i could have had with the characters is gone by the end and no real character journey is undertaken for such a romantic drama. What should have been emotionally charged scenes were so bland, with the tragic undercurrent left to the wayside ensuring the constant crying just felt repetative with no real meaning. I can see how people think this manga is good, but i just didnt get any enjoyment out of it. This should have had the tragic storyline and happy ending that Mademoiselle Butterfly had, but instead it all felt samey.

The plot premise was good, and the characters initially good too, but since even the main character didnt develop through what was quite a few traumatic weeks in her life and Riyu magically got rid of his profound and understandable hatred of her, it all just made me a bit “meh”.

So yeah, i understand why people like it, but for such a tragic twisted story the emotions were too dull, resulting in me feeling that reading it was a waste of time.
I cant star rate it. I suppose 5/5 for POTENTIAL , with 1/5 for execution. Seriously, thats how apathetic I felt about it.


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