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The BEST yaoi ever, by Yoo Ha Jin

The BEST yaoi ever, by Yoo Ha Jin

“”I’m pretty sure that the downfall of humans can be completely attributed to their curiosity”, such is Ewon Jung’s philosophy.
Because of his curiosity and his “affectionate nature”, Ewon somehow finds himself, after cheating one time too many on Jiho, dumped and threatened into working as a caretaker for Jiho’s new boyfriend, Mookyul… who just so happens to be a Mafia Boss.

And it is just the beginning of Ewon’s troubles.

Between Jiho, who still burns at Ewon’s infidelity, and Mookyul, gang-leader with movie star good looks who starts to take a keen interest in him, Ewon slowly gets entangled in a net more intricate than that of the dangerous underworld, how will he survive it?” – from Mangafox

A supreme specimen of Yaoi. The plotline was new and exciting, and when I first read it, in 2012 (this is a re-read and rewrite), it was the best yaoi I had ever read, and I concurred with all the reviews raving about it. Now that I have re-read it with more yaoi experience, It’s not as all powerful yaoi king as I had first judged… but it wasn’t far off.

The plot itself is yakuza based, and as such, has some of the typical yakuza manga traits (yes yes, I’m an amateur connoisseur of yakuza based manga, within my field of genres. Twiddle mustache.) For example, obviously the violence, kick ass fighting skills, sense of honor beyond the usual “thuggish” yakuza, and general glorification of noble yakuza. But the plot is preeeety unique. Though I DID NOT LIKE the old man X Mookyul sideline. I mean it was necessary for the plot, and an interesting addition, and made the whole thing more unique and added a bit of grit. But it made me shudder (as in ugh). But the plot, the development and the relationships between the characters- including a really cute kinship between Mookyul’s boys and Ewon- were all excellent, especially for a yaoi. Perhaps though this was due to the length- it had the room to grow and it did. Drama, comedy, romance, action, cuteness… what more could you want?

Maybe bishies, and this has them in abundance too. Seme Mookyul is very my style, though still not quite my bishie icon – I haven’t found him yet. The art does the characters justice, and reflects their personalities well. And its really quite pretty. There is no ugly crying here. The violence is really well executed as well (unintended pun there) and not fairy tale style take-100-punches-and-get-back-up-again. It keeps with the occasional darkness of the manhua.

The relationship between these bishies, was much more appreciated the first time around, I think. Their relationship is unconventional yet essential for both parties and in that respect, deep and loving. The only niggle I had was the sex side of things- the uke just seemed to be enduring, even when their relationship got lovey-dovey. I dunno, perhaps that’s realistic (surely not?), but it started pissing me off. I ended up nearly screaming. For goodness sake, equal pleasure as a base for a good relationship. Jiho says at the start that Mookyul is “good in the sack” but blimey, I see no evidence of it. Poor Ewon.

But despite the negatives, this really came across as quite a sophisticated manhua, especially for a yaoi. I can’t quite put my finger on it, despite its flaws, it was, well, awesome. I consumed it at a supernatural pace. Before I knew it, 20 chapters had flown by! Maybe it was the character development and background, the unpredictable nature of the plot, the side characters, the seme-turned-reluctant-uke, the laughing… I DON’T KNOW. It shouldn’t have been as good as it was, and it should have annoyed me at points.

But damn, it was good.
This was an awesome yaoi manhwa, one to turn even the staunchest of shoujo traditionalists into rabid yaoi fangirls.

5 out of 5 stars, an all in one smooth sitting despite being 48 chapters long, as its just that good. I can’t even minus it for its flaws. A must read.


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