Venus ni Arazu

by Yoshihara Yuki

by Yoshihara Yuki

“Misyoshi Yoshiko is working her way as a model by doing various modeling gigs for her agency. After one of those gigs causes her to lose her job as a model, she now faces a desperate situation of being broke and unemployed. Things start to look up when she gets offered another modeling job, but this time it’s modeling for Chuujou Tarou, the lecherous sculptor who got her fired in the first place! How will Yoshiko handle working for a perverted employer who can’t keep his hands off her–not because he’s attracted to her, but because he likes her bone structure?!” -from Aerandria Scans

Kyaaa~! It was so good! The general characters and story arcs (even if they can be called that in such a short manga at only two volumes) were nothing unique, but the plot, execution, art and special touches make it a really enjoyable read.

I had been putting it off for a while because the cover art didn’t interest too much, but the characters are so cute. It could have easily developed into a longer run, but it’s length at the moment means nothing drags. Its got the regualar love rival, scandal and apparent ignorance of the protagonists love that most shoujo and josei romances have, but they are just done really nicely.
A funny and cute love-love romance ❤
4 and a half stars


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